TRAVEL Alert: Flight delays on E120 aircraft due to crew sickness

The frequency and departure times of some services may vary from the regular schedule.


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Inflight Catering

Safety updates to inflight catering

The safety of our passengers and staff is our highest priority, and in the wake of reducing potential exposure to COVID-19 on board, we made some changes to our inflight service.

  • We’ve moved to serving pre-packaged foods and sealed beverages
  • We streamlined our services so we can serve more items in one step and decrease physical touchpoints.
  • We are currently working towards how we can offer tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages on board the aircraft.

Passengers are welcome to carry their own special catering for consumption on board our flights, excluding alcohol.

Please be advised that any special catering is at the passengers own expense and Airnorth are unable to provide any meal preparation facilities on-board (e.g. passenger’s own special meals cannot be heated up).

Further information is available from our Reservations Department on 1800 627 474.