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TRAVEL Alert: Military Exercises Impacting Darwin Flight Schedules

We wish to inform you that due to the Australian Defence Forces’ military exercise at the Darwin Aerodrome, some of our scheduled services departure and arrival times will be impacted. The next exercise, Pitch Black will be conducted from 18 July to 02 August 2024, which may also affect our flight operations. We apologise for […]


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Can my ticket be refunded?

Depending on the fare type, some tickets are refundable, and some are non-refundable. Please refer to the conditions applicable to your booking located on the Fare Rules page.

Can I change my dates of travel?

Depending on the fare type paid, some tickets allow changes at any time, whilst others only allow changes prior to the day of travel. In most cases flight changes will incur a change fee as outlined in the applicable Fare Rules.

Can I change the name of the passenger on the booking?

Name changes are permitted on applicable fares and will incur a name change fee as outlined in the applicable Fare Rules.

What are fare rules?

All passengers should read and understand the fare rules applicable for the ticket they are buying. These rules are available online at Airnorth Fare Rules before confirming ticket purchases.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Using your credit card on a secure website is arguably safer than using your credit card anywhere else. Credit card numbers gets encrypted, so that nobody else can read them. The destination website only can decode the message.

For more information, please see Airnorth Fare Rules and Airnorth Conditions of Carriage.