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TRAVEL Alert: Military Exercises Impacting Darwin Flight Schedules

We wish to inform you that due to the Australian Defence Forces’ military exercise at the Darwin Aerodrome, some of our scheduled services departure and arrival times will be impacted. The next exercise, Pitch Black will be conducted from 18 July to 02 August 2024, which may also affect our flight operations. We apologise for […]

Medical clearance

Passengers must obtain a medical clearance from their treating doctor if one or more of the described conditions below apply to them.  Passengers must provide clearance to Airnorth a minimum of 72 hours prior to departure.

The following conditions may be used as a guide only. Contact your medical practitioner or Airnorth reservations who can provide you with further guidance. If passengers with medical conditions require assistance to travel on board our aircraft or at the airport, passengers are advised to provide Airnorth with information regarding their requirements prior to travel. This is done through the use of a Disability Access Facilitation Information Form (DAFI) available upon request.

edical conditionNotes
Abdominal surgerywithin 10 days of travel
AnaemiaHb < 7.5 d L/L
Assisted breathing during travel/supplemental oxygenyou must provide supplemental oxygen, size C packs, for use in the aircraft cabin
Asthmarecent deterioration within 48 hours of travel
Chest surgerywithin 10 days of travel
Decompression sicknessrequires clearance from a specialist in hyperbaric medicine
Ear and/or sinus pathologywithin 48 hours of travel
Fractured jaw which has been wiredmust carry wire cutters onboard and with an assistant capable of cutting the wires if necessary – suitable documentation must be carried
Head injurywithin 2 weeks of travel or where there is air in the cranium
Heart attackwithin 21 days of travel
Inability to eat, administer own medication or go to toiletdepending on the length of flight, may need to travel with an assistant, who will sit in an adjacent seat
Inability to sit uprightpassengers are required to sit upright for take-off and landing
Penetrating eye injurywhile there is air in the eye or a vitreous leak
Phobiaif doubt about ability to cope with air travel
Plaster castsplaster cast must be split if the injury is less than 48 hours old
Pneumothoraxwithin 14 days of resolution
Psychiatric disorder that may deteriorate during flightmust travel with medical assistant, who will sit in adjacent seat
Requirement for stretcher/humidicribmust travel with medical assistant, who will sit in adjacent seat
Strokewithin 10 days of travel

Contact Airnorth reservations if you believe you may have a condition that would require travel clearance.

Conditionals that usually prevent travel 

A customer with one or more of the conditions listed is likely to be denied carriage if travel is to be undertaken within the time specified.  

These conditions may be used as a guide only. Contact your medical practitioner or Airnorth reservations who can provide you with further guidance.

Medical conditionTime period
Angioplastywithin 3 days of travel
Angioplasty with stentswithin 2 days of travel
Contagious or infectious diseaseif this poses a direct risk of infection to passengers or crew
Heart attackwithin 7 days of intended travel
Infantswithin 7 days of birth
Pregnancydomestic flight – pregnancy after 36th week
international flight – routine pregnancy after 36th week or multiple pregnancy after 32nd week
Psychiatric disorderacute or uncontrolled
Strokewithin 3 days of intended travel

Pregnant passengers permitted to travel must be able to comply with seat belt regulations. 

Infants less than 48 hours old will not be accepted for carriage. Infants less than 7 days of age will not be carried unless extenuating circumstances exist. If extenuating circumstances exist, the infant must be assessed by a medical practitioner as fit to fly and a written clearance to fly signed provided by a medical practitioner. 

Airnorth reserves the right to deny carriage if it is not satisfied that a customer is fit to travel.