Airnorth has been mastering Australia‚Äôs northern skies for over 40 years. Headquartered in Darwin, we operate over 220 air services each week  to destinations across the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and into Dili, Timor-Leste. We are well equipped to offer a range of customised charter service options to destinations across our network and beyond.

Airnorth is committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable air services, specialising in connecting people to unique and often difficult to reach destinations across Australia. As the second longest operating Australian airline, we remain committed to providing only the best in regional air travel. We have a proven track record in providing charter services that cater to a range of travel needs from corporate business travel, government workers, mining, oil and gas contracts to school groups, sports teams and ad hoc charter services for special group requests.


We are a full-service carrier accommodating the needs of both business and leisure travellers, operating state-of-art regional jets across our network, safely delivering more than 330,000 passengers annually. Our fleet allows us to operate into large international and smaller regional airports, adapt our schedules and routes easier than major airlines, and remain flexible to meet the needs of our customers. Our fleet caters up to 30 passengers on our Embraer 120 Brasilia, up to 76 passengers on Embraer 170 E-Jet aircraft and up to 94 passengers on Embraer 190 E-Jet aircraft, providing exclusivity for our groups and keeping within the new norm of flying with enhanced inflight health and well-being process including frequent deep cleans, masks, segregated seating, customised announcements, boarding/disembarking protocols.

E190 Charter Service offers:

  • 5 hour flight range
  • Capacity of up to 94 passengers on board
  • 2x lavatory facilities
  • Spacious Seating; 2 x 2 seat configuration
  • Security pre-screening
  • HEPA air filters
  • Catering facilities available

E170 Jet

E170 Charter Service offers:

  • 4.5 hour flight range
  • Capacity of up to 76 passengers on board
  • 2 x lavatory facilities
  • Spacious seating; 2 x 2 seat configuration
  • Security pre-screening
  • Contracted catering facilities available
E120 Bras

E120 Charter Service offers:

  • 3 hour flight range
  • Capacity of up to 30 passengers on board
  • Spacious seating; 2 x 1 seat configuration
  • Lavatory facilities
  • Security pre-screening
  • Contracted catering facilities available


At Airnorth, the safety of our customers and staff is our priority. In response to Coronavirus our regular cleaning and maintenance procedures have been amended to include a disinfect process with a unique antimicrobial technology that actively protects our treated hard and soft surfaces for up to 100 days.

All of our aircraft have been fitted with a Universal Precaution Kit in addition to the Biohazard Kit which include gloves, hand sanitiser and face masks to keep our customers and crew safe if in the event of a suspected case during flight.


The Capiteq Group holds an Air Operators Certificate [AOC No BN518845-49] issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority [CASA] and maintains operational standards of safety compliance equivalent to major airlines.

The Group also has a commitment to ensure maintenance performed on aircraft and aircraft components under Certificate of Approval [COA 4068] issued by CASA, meets the highest standards of airworthiness, quality, reliability and safety.

Safety Management maintains a pro-active approach to safety in all company departments through the Safety Advisory Group.

How to book

Need to travel quickly? Airnorth can arrange your charter service within one-business day of receiving your request.

To book a charter service with Airnorth, email for a quote or call 0439 234 072

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Airnorth – Together we fly.

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