Fare types

We understand our customers have different reasons to travel. So, we want to help support you with a range of fares types that suit your travel needs.

Air Sale Air Saver Air Flex
Fare class Z, F, P W, G, O, S, Q, N, V, L, M B, H, Y
Changes before departure date $99 $99 Free
Re-routing fees $99 ^ $99 ^ Free
Changes on departure date
Name change $99 * $99 *
Credit * * *
Cancel before departure date * * *
Cancel after scheduled departure *
Food and non alcoholic beverages
Checked baggage
Waitlist permitted
Airfare rules Click for Air Sale rules Click for Air Saver rules Click for Air Flex rules

Please note:
* Valid for 12 months from the original ticket issue date
^ Fare difference may apply