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TRAVEL Alert: Important Notice: Changes to Darwin International Airport Check-in

Self-Service Check-in Kiosk and Automatic Bag Drops The Airnorth team would like to take a moment to update you on significant changes to the Airnorth check-in counters at Darwin International Airport. As part of Airnorth’s ongoing commitment to enhancing your travel experience, our new Self-service Check-in Kiosk and Automatic Bag Drops have been activated. Travel […]

Airnorth celebrates 45 years of connecting communities in Australia’s north

Since its inception, Airnorth has been an integral part of Australian life, especially in the Northern Territory. For 45 years, we’ve proudly navigated the vast skies of Australia’s northern region, connecting communities, families, and businesses alike.

Our commitment to the Northern Territory runs deep. While others may have faltered, Airnorth has remained steadfast, continuously enabling prosperity and fostering growth in the communities we serve. We believe in the untapped potential of the north and are dedicated to unlocking it for generations to come.

At Airnorth, we don’t just provide transportation; we facilitate experiences. For the adventurous souls seeking to explore a different side of Australia, we offer unparalleled access to the wonders of the north. For those with a drive to succeed, we provide the means to unlock the incredible opportunities that lie within this diverse and vibrant region.

In our recent branding TV commercials, we showcased our unwavering commitment to the communities we serve. Our key messages encompassed the diversity of our customers, our involvement in sponsorships that support local initiatives, the exciting career opportunities available in aviation, and our essential repatriation services.

One unique aspect of our commercials is that all the talent featured are real Airnorth staff members. We believe in authenticity and wanted to showcase the genuine faces behind the airline that has been serving the north for over four decades.

As we continue to celebrate 45 years of service, Airnorth reaffirms its dedication to the people and places that make Australia’s north and beyond truly special. Together with our customers, employees, and partners, we continue to soar to new heights, making the impossible possible, one flight at a time.

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