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Airnorth: Fueling Cairns City Lions’ flight to success

For over four decades, Airnorth has been an integral part of Australian life, navigating the vast northern skies with unwavering commitment. Airnorth has been a steadfast ally, enabling prosperity and connectivity across communities. Airnorth are delighted continue our sponsorship support to the Cairns City Lions Football Club, marking the fifth year of a partnership that exemplifies dedication and community spirit.

Shane Law, President of the Cairns City Lions Football Club reflects on their enduring collaboration with Airnorth, it’s evident that this sponsorship transcends mere financial support. It’s a lifeline for the club, empowering players, both seasoned and budding talents, to pursue their passion for football despite geographical barriers. From Darwin’s heartland to the lush fields of Cairns, Airnorth’s sponsorship facilitates a bridge between communities, fostering a shared love for the game.

“Sponsorships like Airnorth provide much-needed financial assistance for volunteer-run clubs with limited other sources of income,” remarks the club President, underlining the critical role of corporate partnerships in sustaining grassroots sports. Indeed, Airnorth’s commitment goes beyond the scoreboard; it’s a testament to their dedication to fostering sporting excellence and community cohesion.

The Cairns City Lions Football Club, once struggling to field even a single senior team, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. From the ashes of adversity emerged a phoenix of success, with the club now boasting three men’s and one women’s team. Their ascent to prominence culminated in a historic premiership victory in 2021, followed by a triumphant back-to-back win in 2022, breaking a 38-year drought.

But the club’s achievements extend beyond the field of play. With a strong emphasis on inclusivity and cultural celebration, the Cairns City Lions honour their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage through the annual “Dreamtime By The Sea” Marquee Game. This event, made possible through Airnorth’s sponsorship, not only draws a large crowd but also pays homage to the indigenous peoples’ profound contribution to the club and AFL in Cairns.

As the 2024 season kicks off, Cairns City Lions Football Club embarks on yet another journey fuelled by passion, perseverance, and the unwavering support of Airnorth. From the first whistle to the final siren, Airnorth’s wings of sponsorship propel the club towards new heights of success, embodying the spirit of unity and collaboration that defines Australian football. Together, they soar, epitomizing the true essence of community and camaraderie on and off the field.