Legal disclaimer and privacy policy

APP Privacy Policy

Airnorth adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles that came into effect on 12 March 2014 pursuant to the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, which amends the Privacy Act 1988.

Airnorth has adopted the following Policy in relation to the collection, use, storage, security and disclosure of personal information including personal information given to Airnorth by third parties.

Note:            The APP Privacy Policy applies to Airnorth employees and customers.

Collection of Information

Airnorth will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way.

Personal information collected

Airnorth will only collect personal information about an individual that is necessary for one or more of its functions or activities. This may include the individual’s name, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, social media handle and identification including drivers licence, passport and proof of age card with current address.  Supporting documents that provide evidence of current residential address such as utility bills, rates notice, bank statement etc may be collected.

Sensitive information collected

Airnorth may also collect sensitive information.

For employees, this may include membership of a professional or trade association, tax file number, bank details, criminal record and medical information.

For customers, this may include membership to loyalty programs, credit card details, health and special medical or access assistance or dietary requirements relating to religious beliefs.

Airnorth will not collect sensitive information about an individual unless:

Information collection mechanisms

How personal information is collected will depend on Airnorths relationship or interactions with an individual, both directly and indirectly.

For employees, personal information may be collected directly during the recruitment processes, via reservations, during a survey, online and via social media.  This information may be held in hard copy personnel files and/or electronically on a secured company drive.

For customers, personnel information may be collected via the reservations department, the website or social media, when individuals write or call Airnorth. Interactions may also be in person when individuals use Airnorth services or participate in promotions.  This information will be held electronically on Airnorth’s server.


There may be occasions when Airnorth collects information about an individual indirectly such as:

If information about other individuals is provided, regardless of whether they are travelling together, that individual is responsible for telling those individuals and letting them know that they can find a copy of this Privacy Policy on the Airnorth website.

Company Requirements

At the time of collection (or as soon as practical afterwards), Airnorth will take reasonable steps to ensure the individual is aware of:

Use and Disclosure

Primary Purpose

Airnorth will use and disclose personal information about an individual to achieve the purpose for which it was collected.

For employees, this may include recruitment, training, performance management, terms and conditions of employment, emergency contact details, professional memberships, leave entitlements and processing the payroll.

For customers, this may include processing travel arrangements or freight requirements, applying discounts, enabling participation in loyalty programmes and arranging and facilitating the safe travel of unaccompanied minors, carers or customers requiring medical assistance.

Secondary Purpose

Airnorth will not use or disclose personal information about an individual for any purpose other than the primary purpose unless:

For employees, this may include employment references, confirmation of employment details for financial or property businesses, for the health and safety of the employee or for statistical purposes.

Due to the nature of its activities, Airnorth may be required to disclose personal information to government agencies or other entities for airline and passenger security purposes.

Airnorth may also disclose personal information to third parties, such as contractors, it uses to fulfil services to customers. At present, Airnorth uses contractors to:

In these situations, Airnorth will prohibit the third party contractor from using the personal information except for the specific purpose for which it was supplied.

Direct Marketing

Airnorth may use and disclose personal information (other than sensitive information) about an individual for the purpose of direct marketing when:

Airnorth may also use and disclose personal information (other than sensitive information) about an individual for the purpose of direct marketing when:

 Airnorth may use or disclose sensitive information about an individual for the purpose of direct marketing if the individual has consented to the use or disclosure of the information for that purpose.

Request not to receive Direct Marketing

An individual may request not to receive direct marking communications and request Airnorth not use or disclose of the information and request where the source of the information if obtained from another organisation. 

Airnorth will respond to such requests within a reasonable timeframe.

Data Quality and Security

Airnorth will take reasonable steps to:

Access and Accuracy

An individual may request to view the personal information Airnorth holds about him/her.

Airnorth will provide the information unless there is an exception which applies under the Australian Privacy Principles. If the request is refused, Airnorth will provide the individual with the reason(s) for the refusal and consider whether the use of a mutually agreed intermediary will allow sufficient access to meet the needs of both parties.

Airnorth may charge for allowing access to personal information but such charges will not be excessive and will not apply to the lodgement of a request for access. The charges will be advised so far as practicable, prior to the request being processed. The request may not be processed if the fees are not paid.

Airnorth will take reasonable measures to update and correct details as and when notification is received.


Where it is lawful and practicable, individuals will have the option of not identifying themselves when entering into transactions with Airnorth.

Transfer of Information Overseas

Where information is sought from overseas in relation to a customer, the customer must consent to the transfer of information and the recipient must be in a jurisdiction that has comprehensive privacy laws.

Airnorth may do this if:

Overseas recipients of personal information are likely to be located in Timor Leste if the customer is planning to travel to Timor Leste.

Availability of the APP Privacy Policy

The APP Privacy Policy is included in the Corporate Policy and Procedures Manual and is available on the Airnorth website.  A copy may also be provided by the Privacy Officer on request.


Complaints about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles may be made in the first instance to the Privacy Officer.  The complaint will be investigated by the Privacy Officer

Privacy Officer

Airnorth has appointed a Privacy Officer to deal with any enquiries or issues that may arise out of the APP Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Officer can be contacted as follows:

Safety and Compliance Manager


PO Box 39548


Phone: 08 8920 4017