Sponsorship Request Form

Airnorth has a strong commitment to regional communities and has established relationships through structured sponsorship programs, corporate attendance and input at various meetings and forums, along with other initiatives.

Airnorth receive many requests for sponsorship. We consider all requests in accordance with sponsorship guidelines and we respond to all requests in writing. All organisations requesting sponsorship must fill in our Sponsorship Request Form.

To ensure maximum sponsorship value for Airnorth and your organisation, applications must be submitted no later than 6 weeks before the event/travel date. Although Airnorth will make every effort to do so, applications received within this 6 week period are not guaranteed to be processed in time.

Sponsorship Guidelines:

Successful applicants are selected on their ability to provide recognition and awareness of Airnorth’s brand and for their specific focus or regional perspective ie, sporting, Indigenous, youth, arts, community or general regional development.

When approved, Airnorth provides in-kind sponsorship of flights across its network. Travel is not permitted during public and school holidays. Airnorth does not provide cash donations.

Airnorth will only consider requests on the basis of the organisation providing detailed appropriate marketing and communication recognition for our company.

Airnorth will consider a reasonable level of sponsorship requirements and only for events and groups that are acceptable to Airnorth.

Sponsorships vary from a flight to be raffled or auctioned for fundraising purposes, to providing discounted travel for judges, coaches, award nominees, artists, charity recipients, etc.

Airnorth also support the promotion and development of our regional destinations by providing discounted travel for various trade media and special interest journalists and travel writers.

Airnorth will generally not provide sponsorship to individuals and commercial organisations.

Please check your responses against the check lists.

Only requests that have completed the Airnorth Sponsorship Request Form and submitted to marketing@airnorth.com.au will be considered.