Complimentary refreshments are provided on flights operated by the E170 and the E120 aircraft.  Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase on selected flights. Catering provided is subject to change, in the event of an aircraft substitution.

Further information is available from our Reservations Department on 1800 627 474.

Special Catering

Airnorth have a diverse fleet of aircraft that vary in their operational requirements across our network. Because of this our catering varies significantly between services and unfortunately Airnorth are unable to provide special meals on-board our flights. However, we welcome passengers with dietary requirements to carry their own special catering for consumption on-board our flights (excluding alcohol).

Please be advised that any special catering is at the passengers own expense and Airnorth are unable to provide any meal preparation facilities on-board (e.g. passenger’s own special meals cannot be heated up).